Robby: Morbius. Morbius!
Dr. Edward Morbius: What?
Robby: Something is approaching from the southwest. It is now quite close.
[they run to the windows and look out, but see nothing]
Commander John J. Adams: Could Robby be wrong?
Dr. Edward Morbius: No. Never.
[an invisible force rips down the trees; Morbius closes the lead shutters over the windows]
Dr. Edward Morbius: I feel sorry for you, young man.
Commander John J. Adams: Feel sorry for your daughter, Morbius.
Altaira: It's listening.
[the monster pounds on the lead shielding, denting it]
Dr. Edward Morbius: Alta, go into my study.
Commander John J. Adams: You still refuse to face the truth.
Dr. Edward Morbius: What truth?
Commander John J. Adams: Morbius, that thing out there - it's you.
Dr. Edward Morbius: You're insane. How else would you have led it here, where Alta must see you torn to pieces?
Commander John J. Adams: You still think she's immune? She's joined herself to me, body and soul!
Altaira: Yes, and whatever comes, forever.
Dr. Edward Morbius: Say it's a lie. Shout, let it hear you out there! Tell it you don't love this man!
Altaira: Not even if I could.
[the lead shielding begins to break]
Dr. Edward Morbius: Stop it, Robby! Don't let it in! Kill it, Robby!
[Robby shorts out]
Commander John J. Adams: It's no use. He knows it's your other self.
[lead shielding breaks; they run]

 Movie: Forbidden Planet [1956] Movie: Forbidden Planet [1956]


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